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We believe that a beautiful cast floor forms the basis of any modern interior. Zilly Design cast floor provides a look of your workplace or environment and makes your identity as a person or company visible. Of the cast floors in our assortment you will see below per cast floor a short introduction of the specific features of that cast floor.

Classic gietvloeren: Onze standaard gietvloer uitgevoerd in ��n kleur

Cast Floor Classic

Our Classic cast floor is a standard cast floor. Classic cast floors are run in n color. Characteristic of this cast floor is that we are very high concentrations of pigment that make for a very full and warm appearance.
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Betonlook gietvloeren: De gietvloer met de uitstraling van een betonvloer

Concrete look Cast Floor

Pour the concrete floor is a floor with Ray cast look or drawing. This concrete look like drawing in two shades gives the cast floor a industri le look. Concrete cast floors carried out in other colors give this floor cast a warm appearance.
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Metallic gietvloer: Gietvloeren met een metaalachtige schittering

Metallic cast floors

The Metallic cast floor has a special aura. This cast floors have a metallic brilliance that plays with the light. From which side you also enter the floor, each approach will give a different shadow play.
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BlingBling gietvloer: Gietvloeren met glitters, kristalglas, parels of kunstdiamanten

Bling Bling cast floor

Our bling bling cast floors are very present and give a boring space is a stylish trendy appearance. The color choice in this cast floors is virtually unlimited. Together with different types of glitters emergence the most surprising effects.
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Stones Design gietvloeren: Een epoxy gietvloer waar marmerkiezels in worden verwerkt

Stones Design floors and walls

A unique very high-quality cast Epoxy cast resin in which marble pebbles are processed. This illuminating cast floor tiles next to the finishing of floors and walls offer many more possibilities.
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Costum-made gietvloer: Maatwerk gietvloeren geheel naar uw wens

Costum-made cast floors

The costum-made cast floors are cast floors made entirely tailored to your wishes. Each costum-made cast floor is a unique work of art. The floors are stylish and ensure user enjoyment and living pleasure for many years.
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